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Looking for Contacts in Qatar to Marshal at Losail Int’l Circuit

My goal for 2016 is to marshal in one or two new countries that I haven’t volunteered at before. I’ve published posts about my “Wish List” and all the cool places I want to experience for myself, and I definitely want to add Qatar to that list.

Does anyone have a contact I could chat with about organizing a trip for a future event?

I would most likely want to participate in their round of the MotoGP race, although I am open to the possibility of volunteering a smaller event as well. I have already experienced Bahrain International Circuit and Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, and will likely participate at the Dubai Autodorome in the near future. Losail seems like a logical choice to add to my wish list.

I’ve also worked with a Portuguese marshal from Estoril Circuit outside of Lisbon who proudly wore his Losail hat from a MotoGP event he worked there, and he highly recommended that track. So now’s the challenge to organize the trip for me. Not just the marshaling bit but also flights, accommodation and transportation to get to the circuit. I have set foot on the Qatari soil the last time I volunteered both WEC in Bahrain and the Gulf 12 hour at Yas Marina in the UAE, but never officially visited the country, I was there in transit several times because of the Dubai – Bahrain connection, as well as the Dubai – Kuala Lumpur connection where I went to volunteer the Asian Le Mans Series between the two Middle East events.

Anyway… so far I’ve found the official marshals e-mail on the Losail web site:  or rather Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation web site, but I’m looking for a local contact who I could ask all the questions I have before signing up for one of their events. I think with my plan to do a DTM race next year in either Austria or the Netherlands, it would be neat to diversify and go to a region I haven’t been to since 2013. The plan also includes some eastern European tracks like Brno in the Czech Republic and Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary. Fingers crossed things go as planned!

Please respond with suggestions below or contact me privately. Cheers!

Motos in my 2016 Marshaling Calendar

I forgot to add a Motorcycle race to my wishlist in 2016.

So here’s a post reminding myself to do it!

This year I did express interest in MotoGP at COTA but I did it way too late and it didn’t materialize in time even though they accepted me to marshal there. The irony from that experience is that I also reached out to MotoAmerica to see if they needed any staff while I waited on a response from COTA and MotoAmerica turned me down. It’s ironic because it turns out COTA were really short on marshals and could have used any help MotoAmerica were willing to offer, unfortunately it seems that they were not willing to offer help, at least based on my experience. I also did send my interest to marshal a Superbike event at NJMP with MotoAmerica in September, I don’t have very high hopes of being accepted and it won’t be a terribly big loss if they don’t. I have marshaled an AMA Superbikes event at NJMP twice before the series went out of business.

But I do want to do a Motos race in the future. And if I don’t get accepted to marshal Dubai 24h in January I think I will definitely apply to marshal a MotoGP event in Doha, Qatar.

Why Doha?

Because Losail International Circuit is famous in the world of two wheel motorsports. I worked with a Portuguese marshal from Estoril last year who proudly wore his Losail hat while marshaling and had nothing but good things to say about it. Qatar would also be the 15th country on my list of places I volunteered as a marshal, so I’m looking forward to adding that flag to my resume.

I flew through Doha what feels like a dozen times a few years ago when I marshaled in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, sadly I never left the airport in all my time spent there. I really want to check out the country. The craziest bit I flew back from Bahrain to Dubai via Doha, spend a few hours in Dubai, then flew back to Doha to connect to Sepang in Malaysia.

Speaking of Portugal, I would really love to come back to marshal at the Algarve International Circuit in the south of the country. I had such an amazing time in Portimao last year that I cannot wait to return. And like many other places in Europe they are absolutely crazy about bikes. I met a British expat that marshals in Portimao that raved about the time FIM visits their humble little track. So when stars align just right I will be heading back to Portugal!

autodromo internacional algarve

Autodromo Interncional do Algarve is very open to the idea of International marshals so I would strongly urge the Motorsport volunteers of the world to consider adding this gem of a track to their resume. The track is located in a very accessible part of the country just a few hours south of the capital Lisbon, but only about an hour’s drive for the resort city of Faro. It is famous for it’s elevation changes and my favorite feature: elevated marshal posts. If anyone needs some contact details please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll put you in touch with some really amazing people. I had an amazing time working there.