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Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, Indiana, USA

USAC Marshall Program: License Application to Flag Indianapolis Motor Speedway Events

Saw a friend share a link today on facebook: I know USAC: United Sates Auto Club… the Motorsport sanctioning body responsible for organizing marshals for Indianapolis Motor Speedway events. Great people… looking closer at the license application page… they’re using my picture from Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix from a few years back. How cool?

The licensing fee is also significantly cheaper than say SCCA, but granted there are very few events where marshals are needed at IMS, which like other famous oval tracks rely on paid spotters and the light system to signal cautions at the big events, like Indy 500.

Nevertheless, a very worthwhile experience being a member.

USAC indianapolis motor speedway marshall application 2016

So if you’re interested… do join!

Indianapolis: IndyCar & MotoGP Marshals Registration Open

As of this week, if you wish to volunteer as a marshal for a few inner track events at Indianapolis, the registration process is about to start. New this year is an additional IndyCar race, not the world famous Indy 500 going around the oval, but a shorter event using the same road course that Grand Am and IMSA TUSC series used.

Similarly, Indianapolis turns into a biker town when MotoGP comes around, and I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to marshal there. If you wish contact details for either of the events, by all means get in touch.

Keep in mind that Indianapolis events are run by United States Auto Club and there is a small registration fee that pays for your very fancy dinner the night before the events start. You will also get a nice Indianapolis Motor Speedway hat and a polo shirt, as well as possible other swag for participating. USAC provides marshal uniforms (the blue overalls) so you can travel light to the event. Do bring your own gloves, whistle, earplugs and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget your rain gear as Indy gets pretty stormy on occasion.

Here are some photos from some of the events I marshaled there:

grand am indy 1

motogp indianapolis 1

motogp indianapolis

Registration open for 2014 Indianapolis events: IndyCar, MotoGP & Tudor Series

I have received an invitation from the United States Auto Club (USAC) to volunteer a few upcoming events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this summer. The events include a number of racing series and styles of racing that others may be interested in so I would love to extend the invitation here to marshals reading my blog.

May 8, 9, 10: IndyCar will be running the Road Course of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as one of two events at this venue, the second being the traditional running of the Indianapolis 500 around the oval for which marshals aren’t used. At least not us volunteers.

July 24, 25: Tudor United Sports Car Championship will be run around the Road Course of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway same as the Rolex Series ran it for the past few years. I have participated in this event a few years ago and had a genuinely good time.

August 8, 9, 10: MotoGP will return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to run the Road Course in the other direction which brings a great deal of spectators to Speedway, Indiana as well as bikers in general to downtown Indianapolis. I’ve done this event for the past two years and the level of enthusiasm from the MotoGP crowd is amazing. Highly recommend.

I would strongly encourage anyone able to or interested in volunteering any of the above mentioned events to go ahead and register. If you need a recommendation I am happy to provide one. Keep in mind that there is a processing fee associated with volunteering for USAC events. However, you get your money’s worth with event branded clothing, a welcoming dinner and the privilege of working at a world class facility.

For more info visit: or

IndyGP debrief – the MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I am inspired by the wonderful photos from our papparazzo Misty to share a few thougths on this weekend, and the fun we had hanging out with her, Felix and Aaron downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

motogp indy 6

This trip too, was one of the few I’ve done lately that actually involved driving a proper “Road Trip” I set out on a 1,500 mile drive in my old 150,000 mile Jeep… and that in itself was an adventure. Especially discovering new gear oil smells along the way, or the obviously leaking tire that warranted the use of the spare on the drive home.

The racing on our station was uneventful. That was my fault, while we are allowed to request stations, I left that option open hoping for the best. And turn 12 seems miles away from the actual course, where nothing happened. But everyone I’ve spoken with suggested there were great moments, including a few track records set over the weekend. We did have an ambulance stationed with us, and a recovery truck that picked up a number of bikes from turn 10 before us, that was really the only action we saw.

I camped at the track for the first time, which was quite exciting. Though the camping area lacked showers. But other than that it was very convenient being so close to the track, I didn’t have to use my Jeep all weekend. My buddy Felix put my guest pass to good use inviting Misty and Aaron to join us for some fun downtown Indy. There was a tremendous amount of bikes in town, and lots of motorcycle fans enjoying the ambiance. I had a great time.

Now here’s some photos courtesy of Misty:

motogp misty 1

motogp misty 2

motogp misty 3

motogp misty 4

motogp misty 5

We got to play a little with Felix’s GoPro… very impressed and can’t wait to get my own!

Post card from the Indianapolis Grand Prix

Greetings from Indy! Another beautiful day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway: the racing capital of the world. This time I’m corner captain at turn 12 working the MotoGP race wirh my buddy Felix from Ohio.

motogp indy 2

motogp indy 3

motogp indy 4

motogp indy 5

motogp indy 6

Not a whole lot happening ar our turn, but the bikes are setting records. A little bored actually but race day is about to commence!

motogp indy 1

motogp indy 1.2

Accepted to the Indianapolis Grand Prix for MotoGP

I’m proud to report that for the second year in a row I’ve been accepted to marshal the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway featuring MotoGP.

My ratio of bikes to car racing is still way skewed towards four-wheels, but I love motorcycle racing and MotoGP is about as good as it gets! In addition, unlike F1 the ultimate series of automotive racing, with MotoGP you respond immediately to a crashed bike without waiting for permission from race control. Adrenaline rush to the max!

Truly looking forward to a great experience at the Brickyard 😉

United States Auto Club – USAC has also send me a training video for the MotoGP, like they did last year. I think its a fantastic idea as it covers in detail the types of flags used, how they are used correctly and in what situations, how to approach incidents, riders, doctors, etc. Very handy tool to refresh my memory when working motorcycle races!

Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix – MotoGP

With both Grand Am racing in Montreal and ALMS at Road America I find myself in Indianapolis for the MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. The atmosphere seemed fantastic, there were tons and tons of bikes throughout the city, and especially at the race track. Because the inner circuit was used, parts of the oval served as parking areas for thousands of bikers.

On track too there was a slew of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom were volunteering as flaggers for the first time. It was not your typical SCCA corner worker experience. Granted USAC ran the event and as always I enjoy their hospitality more so than at any other event so far outside of IMS, the experience was just different. Unlike the last time I was volunteering at IMS the course was run in the opposite direction, I found myself on the same station I was last time except it’s changed from turn 10 to turn 7. We were actually on grass, with three flag marshals (two guys from Colorado besides me) and three track marshals who were all employed by IMS. Unlike cars, the crashes were far more spectacular though not much happened at our corner. For Moto2 rider of bike #9 laid his bike down for all three practices over a three day period. Other than that it was just amazing to see how low the bikes go in the turn with the rider hanging over the side.

In terms of getting to the event, I finally flew. After a few month hiatus from flying it was nice to be up in the air again. In the true Flyer Talk spirit instead of paying more to fly direct I booked a cheaper flight from LaGuardia in NYC to Detroit. Initially I thought I made a mistake because fuel prices spiked significantly since the last time I visited Michigan and Indiana, but I lucked out on the car rental. While my original booking was more than $40 a day I managed to reduce it to $17 a day before my flight by booking a Hotwire special. Very happy with that experience as it saved me over $100 just on car rental alone. Anyway, enjoy the facebook pix:

motogp indianapolis 1

motogp indianapolis 2

motogp indianapolis 3

motogp indianapolis 5

motogp indianapolis 6

motogp indianapolis 7


Brickyard 400 Grand Am at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The second stop on my two thousand mile road trip over a three week period went rather well though very nerve-racking. Now that I’m back in Detroit, I guess I can say things worked themeselves out though I still have a trip to a mechanic coming up first thing Monday morning.

First the problem stemmed from a slow leak that has upgraded to an alarming leak somewhere between Canada and Michigan. Nursing the car all the way to Indianapolis for the race made me more than nervous for all five hours it took to get there. But I made it, and even though it looked like the coolant was gushing out of the system, I made it back to my friend’s house as well.

The race itself was equally nerve-racking. It was perfectly hot weather when I arrived Thursday. The buffet dinner was a welcoming sight, as well as meeting some big wigs at USAC – United States Auto Club that ran the event at the Speedway. However on race day the wather yo yo’ed from hot sunshine to cooling rain throughout the twelve hour schedule. I had to put my wet weather gear on three times or so. Both Continental Tire Challenge and Rolex Grand Am finished under caution, but racing was close and fun to flag. There was lots of blue flagging which I always enjoy.

grand am indy 1

grand am indy 2

grand am indy 3