Dickies on Amazon

This isn’t my first post about buying cheap gear on the Internet, but now that I’ve added Amazon.com as an advertising entity, I wanted to point out this is something that I actually use myself.

My goal is to keep the site as ad free as possible. Of course I link to people and companies that are relevant to the motor sports, racing and marshalling groups I’m part of. Similarly I’ve been with Google AdSense for a number of years now because they help pay the hosting fees on this and a few other web sites I run. The goal is to have enough money to cover the bills.

With Amazon though its quite a useful feature not only from the perspective of getting 4% referral fee for each sale (which isn’t that much) but because you actually do save money on what you purchase. A perfect example is Dickies white shirts I’ve been wearing for a whole bunch of events I worked this year, if you buy them from Wal Mart you’re actually paying more than what they go for on Amazon, shipping included. There’s also many promotions you can take advantage of with Amazon that Wal Mart and other stores don’t offer that will save you even more. Whether on purchasing a product or on shipping. The beauty of it is you can get stuff stores don’t carry any more, like Orange overalls or white painter’s pants in your size (Sherwin Williams only goes up to 38×30… pretty squeezy even for me, and I’m not the portliest of marshals I’ve met ­čÖé yes I’m joking.)

Amazon carries not only white gear much sought after by North American marshals but also orange gear more appropriate for the international marshals including hi-viz, day-glo, reflective orange stuff popular in Europe and the Pacific.

So check it out!

PS. Dickies often offers a significant rebate on their products purchased from many outlets including Amazon. Contact me and I’ll provide you with the rebate form… last time I got a $25 rebate on an $100 purchase. That’s a big chunk of change.