Formula One Weekend at COTA Spotter Guides

As the US round of Formula One gets closer, we’re getting some updated spotter guides both from the main attraction and the support races. To me, Porsche Supercup will steal the show. Not because we don’t already have sufficient spec 911 GT3 racing in North America, we have two very large fields of Porsche Carerra Cup cars sanctioned by IMSA in US and Canada. But because the level of racing in the Supercup series is professionally superior, as far as I see it. We’ll still get to watch rich guys bang in the Ferrari Challenge and all the amateur goodness that comes with that entertainment package, but besides Formula One, Porsche Supercup will be the one to watch. The Supercup cars are also a treat to recover, when lift is required. Like DTM in Germany they utilize a two clip system on the roof, where the car is lifted off the ground (most likely the gravel trap) and moved to a desired spot, much like the Formula One cars get lifted by a crane.

porsche supercup cota spotter guide

I love Andy Blackmore’s spotter guides, but this one from looks pretty neat with the featured driver. Should be very helpful to use on race day for sure. (source:

Sadly, one of the stars of Porsche Supercup lost his life in a freak accident in Australia last year. Sean Edwards Foundation has now introduced new safety tests to be used at various events.

Similarly, there was a freak accident at Suzuka with Jules Bianchi suffering a serious head injury. His name is still on the F1 spotter guide which I’m sure will either feature another driver or we’ll see the car parked up like it was in Sochi.

2014 F1 spotter guide

Download the hi-res version on Andy Blackmore’s

Stay tuned for more from the United States F1 Grand Prix at COTA.