FIA International License

Excellent news from the World Motor Sport Council 2014 held in Doha, Qatar earlier this week. According to this press release: there will be an FIA license available to volunteers and officials as soon as end of 2015:

An International Licence for all persons designated by the FIA to act as officials at an event will be launched at the end of 2015, as well as a FIA web platform dedicated to volunteers and officials.

Thanks to our fellow marshal Paul from California for pointing out this little gem. What does this mean for volunteers like me and you reading this?

I think it means that anyone participating as a volunteer race official or marshal will be recognized by the FIA directly and not just by the local club providing marshals for each FIA event, be it Formula 1 Grand Prix or a WEC endurance event (and everything inbetween). Furthermore, a web platform will be developed to allow for registration of volunteers for each event. This will centralize the process of volunteering for races, again taking some of the responsibility of local ASN’s to recruit marshals and opening it up to everyone using the same system to apply and participate.

I see it as a fantastic opportunity.

Now if only FIA offered / mandated identical training for all participants I’ll be the first in line to sign up to receive such training because that will make us all better race officials.

Can’t wait to participate!