FIM Training Videos for MotoGP Marshals

There was a time when the event organizers mailed a DVD training video to prospective MotoGP marshals. Now the FIM is hosting the videos on their web site, and I would encourage anyone to watch them to see what is expected of marshals working a motorcycle event, specifically the highest profile event on two wheels: MotoGP.

The videos are posted for the public on the FIM web site:

To find the videos choose Galleries on the top menu bar, then select GP from the drop down menu of Categories, and choose the Super License Seminars – Video Incidents 2015. The following videos are listed:

f-greatbritainEnglish version: click here.

f-franceFrench version: click here.

f-spainSpanish version: click here.

f-italyItalian version: click here.


You may watch the video by streaming or download them to your computer. The size is 186MB which should download pretty quickly on broadband. The videos were shared by Marco Domeniconi and are shared under license whatever that means. Hopefully they are there for good so anyone can reference them whenever necessary.

motogp misty 5

I always think it’s a good idea to refresh your skills by watching some training material before traveling to an event. At the very least it shows you specifically what the FIM expects of you at their event because without a doubt the rules may differ from whatever you are used to locally, like AMA. Be sure to roam around the spectator area to pick up a very nifty FIM MotoGP produced spotter guide.