Flight booked from AGP to MGP

Who says I don’t gamble? I’ve barely applied for the Australian F1 Grand Prix 2013 and there’s no guarantee I’ll be welcomed with open arms back to the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2013… but the flight between the two has just been booked. Staying true to my Malaysian obsession I chose Air Asia X for the trip. Just so happens today is their 5th Anniversary… back in 2009 I flew one of their brand new jets from Gold Coast, Queensland to Malaysia and it was an awesome experience, something that peeked my interest in the country. So for $155 + $21 checked bag + $5 for a nasi lemak + $8 credit card fee I’m flying MEL-KUL. Which is about half of what they normally charge… not as good as the $99 fare I booked in 2009 but I’m flying out right after the Australian GP and this time won’t be late for Malaysian GP arriving Sepang Circuit.

Really looking forward to the experience! Gives me something to look forward to.