Got to drive Watkins Glen circuit, a bunch of times!

What an awesome perk of working the IMSA 6hr weekend at Watkins Glen International. I got to drive to my station trackside, almost every day, two laps per day (for those days I went to lunch). That was a hell of a rush even though I doubt I went over 50mph.

While it wasn’t my first time driving around Watkins Glen, so far I’ve done it in my Chevy Impala, a Ford Explorer and the Jeep Grand Cherokee… but it was my first time in the Mazda MX-5 Miata, and it was soooo cool! I love when circuits allow marshals to drive trackside to get to station, not all tracks do this. I’ve managed to drive around NJMP both Lightning and Thunderbolt, Road Atlanta, and of course Mount Panorama at Bathurst. Of all of them I think Watkins Glen is my favorite experience driving on track. So without talking too much, I’ll just share some quick pics:

best perk of working watkins glen driving the track

Going up the Esses between Station 2 drivers right and Station 3 driver’s left.

driving around watkins glen station 9a

Going down into the Boot between Station 9 and Station 9a both driver’s right.

parking at station 10 watkins glen international

parking at station 10 watkins glen

Parking nearest to Station 10 driver’s left in the sole of the Boot. Way too close for comfort for me as cars come around the corner from 9a and hit the straight before the hairpin turn at Station 11. I was worried parking too close to the ARMCO so the car doesn’t get hit by debris in case someone crashes there. I also didn’t want to park too far off on the grass because it was wet and I didn’t want to get stuck. There’s a steep drop down hill with a creek at the bottom.

driving watkins glen turn 1 station 1

Driving up to Station 1 at Turn 1 after the front straight.

station 1 parking at watkins glen international

station 1 watkins glen international

Parking about as close as you’d want to park to the action. Loved it!

watkins glen mazda mx-5 miata for imsa 6hr

Thank you Watkins Glen International for being so good to the volunteer RSI marshals!

watkins glen international north american endurance cup

And thanks to IMSA for allowing us the opportunity to drive the track at their event. Much appreciated!