Grand Am & ALMS merging

Perhaps the biggest story from the Baltimore GP as it was happening was the merger speculation of the Rolex Grand Am series with the American LeMans series. While the official announcement won’t be made until tomorrow, the fact that it will be made from Daytona Motor Speedway gives a hint that NASCAR’s Grand Am has got the upper hand.

Based on some preliminary reports, it turns out Grand Am has bought out ALMS from Don Panoz along with Road Atlanta and a long term lease of Sebring. LMP1 will be done with in 2014 when the two series do merge (2013 will see both series run separately for the last time as prior commercial commitments have already been put in place) LMP2 will be the top series followed by Daytona Prototypes, ALMS GT will be one up on Grand Am GT, not sure where the ALMS GTC belong though it should be made clearer at tomorrow’s announcement.

Not sure how I feel about this news. Especially since I have just started volunteering for both series and thoroughly enjoy the boy of them, separately. But as this will be the ultimate future for US sports car racing, its interesting what will become of this.

I guess stay tuned…