Grand-Am season finale at Lime Rock

An exciting weekend draws a close on a fantastic race weekend, championship year, and over a decade long series. The next iteration of Grand-Am will be part of the USCC – United Sports Car Championship along with ALMS – American Le Mans Series, but until then we had one last shot at it at Lime Rock with Tim and Jessie of

lime rock grand am 6

We were lucky enough to work together both days of the event, on turn 1 for Friday’s practice and turn 4 for Saturday’s qualifying and race. I have already given a sneak peak from Friday so I’ll focus on race day here. It was a thrilling race, we had an excellent view that was almost too close to the action as the #99 Red Dragon went off track along our station spraying us with rocks and dust, slightly injuring Jessie in the process. But we soldiered on, and I selfishly hogged the blue flag which the other two made fun of me for not waving it aggressively enough ­čÖé I nearly shredded that canvas off the wooden stick again.

lime rock grand am 1

lime rock grand am 2

lime rock grand am 3

lime rock grand am 4

Perhaps an overshadowing story from the weekend, wasn’t the racing but the amazing work Tim and Jessie did for With my guestimate, they contributed nearly $1,000 bux to all the flaggers that worked the event thanks to contributions from a number of Grand-Am teams. And that figure is nothing to sneeze at. Ultra impressive and credit must be given where credit is due. In that light I wish to personally thank all the contributors starting with Marc Miller of CJ Wilson Racing who not only gave an impressive presentation of driver changes and a team Q&A about his racing Mazda MX-5, but also gave away swag and gas cards for participants in his driver’s change demo! Flaggers got to sit in and strap in the race car, while I timed their driver change attempts. Freaking awesome!

lime rock 1.5

lime rock 1

Peter Baron of Starworks Autosport came through big time with Target Gift Cards for every flagger this weekend. He had mentioned doing something like that when I last met him at Laguna Seca a few weeks ago, and he certainly did not disappoint. We are huge fans of the Starworks team #2 and #8 cars sporting the flagger chick proudly on their body work in recent victory photos, and we wish them the best of luck in the future!

lime rock grand am 5

Kirk Spencer of CKS Autosport also surprised us with a generous gas card donation on our late night wander through the Grand-Am paddock, for which we are again incredibly thankful!

This event was a great conclusion to an excellent season at Lime Rock for me, and a very sad one to think that there won’t be any major pro-racing there next year on the same level as I have enjoyed for the last two years. Oh well… I will certainly miss the pit walks at this bullrink!