Rolex Grand Am season finale @ Lime Rock

A few days ago I was totally complaining it was too hot, and suddenly I was shivering cold standing out in the rain all day watching some of the most exciting racing I’ve seen in ages. The Continental Tire Challenge which was ran in the rain on Friday. It is normally full of action and very exciting, but when it’s pouring rain and the whole front straight was flooded, the racing seemed that much more interesting. Amazingly the guys behaved much better than they normally do in the dry, though the few incidents we had at our sector were hard racing impacts nonetheless.

On Saturday – the main day of racing at Lime Rock as they don’t race on Sunday, was also action packed. The weather was better, no precipitation at all though the threat was there. But the actual Rolex Grand Am series did not disappoint. For this track – the bull rink as a lot of racers call it, the Continental Tire Challenge was broken down in two races as the fields were far too great for the short length of the track. So naturally Saturday saw the Grand Sport race before the feature Rolex Grand Am – Daytona Prototypes and Grand Touring mix. Both races were fantastic. I was stationed at 4 + 4A and we had several direct impacts throughout the nearly 3 hour races. It was indeed outstanding, especially since I got to blue flag most of the races ­čÖé

Some pix:

grand am lime rock 2

grand am lime rock 3

grand am lime rock 4