GUAM patches

UPDATE: thanks to a little back and forth communication via eBay I now have a stack of Guam patches in the mail headed my way. (both tribal and standard designs) I’ve also learned more about the person offering these beautiful items for sale, and am happy to share his web site address for the convenience of ordering some of his designs yourselves… be sure to check out: Gerård Aflågue Collection


I don’t normally wear patches. Even though I shelled out a bunch of money last year to have my own “Marshal Cam” patches made to be given out to volunteers who would record a video about their participation to share on our facebook and youtube channels, I always felt guilty sewing mine on because it’d take a patch away from me giving it to Marshal Cam participants.

But I have stumbled across a patch on eBay that I’d really like to get. A Guam official seal embroidered, sew-on/iron-on patch:

guam patch single

It’s being sold as a Single. Or a set of Triplets:

guam patch triplet

Or even a set of Quintuplets:

guam patch quintuplet

Not only that, the seller offers a “Tribal” design option which looks pretty amazing in my point of view:

guam patch tribal triplet

And it’s also available as a Triplet auction or a Quintuplet:

guam patch tribal quintuplet

I am seriously debating getting at least one of each to sew on my white or orange uniform for the potential event or two I will volunteer this season, if I’m lucky.

It would certainly be “cool” to say the least. Perhaps others would be interested too, so I’ll link the current auction and a direct link to the eBay seller (who’s based in Colorado) in case the listings go down. Get them while supplies last. Photo credit, eBay:

eBay: Single

eBay: Triplet

eBay: Quintuplet

eBay: Tribal Single

eBay: Tribal Triplet

eBay: Tribal Quintuplet

eBay Seller: gerardaflague1969

PS. I love the presentation of the auction photos, something feels just right with that country style bag in the background.