Working on a New MYROADTRIP.NET

Dear visitor,

I am in the process of revamping my Blog.

I will leave the current version up for a little while until the new version is ready… I expect it will be completed sometime in the early part of 2020.

Though I no longer own an MX-5, the Miata community is still an important aspect of my life and I love sharing stories of owners I met on my travels. The new site will focus much on those kinds of interactions and I can’t wait to include my adventures from a recent trip to Munich, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ve also bought a Jeep Wrangler so a good chunk of the new site will focus on that vehicle and the new adventures that come with it’s ownership.

I do want to focus more on general travel and my foodie experiences. Something I touched on in this site but typically as part of other stuff like my Marshaling adventures and Miata Road Trips.

The new site will separate some hobbies. For example my Marshaling Log Book gets it’s own web site, and it is ready to view now right here:

Similarly the Hot Wheels hobby has it’s own site, I call it the Spotter Guide inspired by the famous Andy Blackmore, the creator of many Sports Car spotter guides I love to collect at various IMSA events:

So stay tuned for more. Thank you so much for visiting and the kind words of support and encouragement on my travels.