Spotter Guide

Hot Wheels Spotter Guides based on realistic modern and historic series from GT endurance racing, to Formula 1 and IndyCar Grand Prix to MotoGP and WRC Rally & World Rallycross Racing.

24h Enduro

Entry List: 39 Cars

24 Hour Endurance Racing Spotter Guide

Grand Prix

Entry List: 9 Cars

Formula & IndyCar Grand Prix Spotter Guide

MotoGP SBK Superbikes

Entry List: 4 Bikes + 1 Safety Car

MotoGP & SBK Superbikes Spotter Guide

Rally El Segundo

Entry List: 18 Cars + 2 Trucks

Rally + Rallycross Spotter Guide


Entry List: 66 Cars + 2 Safety Cars

Historic Racing Series: ’60s ’70s ’80s ’90s ’00s

Formula Drift

Entry List: 8 Cars

Formula Drift Spotter Guide

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