How to become a marshal in Canada?

Want to marshal the Canadian F1  Grand Prix? Like the US, Canada is a big country and there is a great deal of motorsports happening during the racing season.

To get involved find your local racetrack and that will dictate which organization you should join to volunteer as a marshal. For major events like Formula One you must pay a membership fee annually to marshal. Each state has it’s own FIA approved ASN complete with log book requirements to progress up the marshaling ranks with experience.

To marshal at the Grand Prix du Canada in Montreal, Quebec join ACIND:

Sing up on their official web site:

Different states have different marshaling clubs in Canada.

To volunteer events in Ontario join the Motorsport Marshaling Services:

Atlantic Region Race Control Association provides marshals in the Nova Scotia region, join them:

Canada is the first major North American race event I signed up for since moving back to the US. Luckily before volunteering at the Canadian F1 GP I worked a number of other large events in the USA, I love marshaling in Canada in Quebec and Ontario.

(this page was created in 2012 and some info may be outdated)
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