Motorsport Safety Fund: Videos

Huge thanks! to the Motorsport Safety Fund ( for making a series of training videos available on YouTube for the world to see and learn.

As a new marshal, I feel this is critical information for getting involved in Motorsport, no matter who you are. This is also fantastic training material to hone your skills even if you are an experienced marshal. We never stop learning, and the MSF has gone through significant trouble and resources to make these videos possible, so please watch them for your own good! (and for my good if we are working together, I’d feel safer!)

Motorsport Marshalling

Motorsport Fire Fighting

Vehicle Recovery / Safety

Vehicle Recovery / Initial Response and Assessment

Vehicle Recovery / Snatching

Vehicle Recovery / The Straight Tow

Vehicle Recovery / The Spec Lift

Vehicle Recovery / Winch Recovery, Flatbeds and Tilt and Slide

Vehicle Recovery / The Full Lift

Vehicle Recovery / Radios

Vehicle Recovery / Reprise

Vehicle Recovery / New Circuit Recovery Operators

Again these videos, and many others posted on their YouTube channel should be watched and studied to improve our skills as marshals. And thank you Motorsport Safety Fund again for the excellent footage and for sharing it with those of us outside the UK!

Motorsport Safety Fund web site:

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