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How to become a marshal in New Zealand?

Like Australia, New Zealand takes it’s motorsports seriously year round. However in comparison it is a tiny country with a significant amount of events year round so you benefit even more from the proximity of all the racing taking place around you. There are a number of racetracks around the country, most notably the two tracks within an hour’s drive from Auckland in the North Island. Similarly, when flying to events nothing is longer than 2 hours flight, or if you are visiting the region 3 hours flight away is Australia.

There are a number of organizations that I have listed below that would love to see you volunteer with them. The racing is fantastic.

If you are in the Auckland area then definitely join the Motor Sport Club of Auckland:

Visit the Motor Sport Club official web site:

If you want to work safety rescue, check out RSQKRU web site:

For more information about MotorSport New Zealand visit:

New Zealand has a very special place in my heart when it comes to marshaling. I started volunteering every weekend since I moved to Auckland in 2011. I worked such events as V8 Supertourers (NZ), V8Supercars (AU) and Toyota Racing Series F2000 style open wheelers among many other events. New Zealand provided my marshaling education.

(this page was created in 2012 and some info may be outdated)
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