How to become a marshal in Singapore?

Singapore does not have a permanent racetrack so motorsport season is typically limited to the Formula One night race. However there is a thriving culture of go karting and it keeps the local marshals busy until the big race. There are also smaller events like Formula Drift that requires some marshals, and its worth pursuing for any motorsport enthusiast interested in volunteering in Singapore. To get involved reach out to the Singapore GP organization or directly to SMSA.

There are two ways to volunteer in Singapore. If you are interested in SGP you can volunteer directly from F1 SGP web site:

Official web site link:

OR, you can volunteer through the SMSA web site:

The Singapore Motor Sports Association:

I have marshalled the Singapore F1 Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. In 2011 I was a track marshal at turn 9R & 8.6L. In 2012 I also marshalled for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix as a track marshal at turn 16.

(this page was created in 2012 and some info may be outdated)
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