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How to become a marshal in South Korea?

Want to marshal the Korean F1 Grand Prix? or one of the many sports car events taking place at Yeongam or elsewhere in the country? South Korea is fortunate to have some exciting motorsports events on the calendar besides Formula One.

To work as a marshal, where you actually get paid for your services, join the local ASN which will put you through the training ranks to be able to work both F1 and other events, like the Japanese Super GT or the Korean V8 Supercars series. There are multiple circuits around the country that hold events, and the racing is great.

Join either the Korea International Circuit at Mokpo staff:

visit the Yeongam Korea International Circuit web site:

Marshalling in Korea came quite unexpectedly. After participating in the 2012 Singapore GP I was invited to join the SGP international visiting team at the 2012 Korean GP.

Korea International Circuit at Yeongam

Korean GP

(this page was created in 2012 and some info may be outdated)
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