Hungarian GP Invitation from Hungaroring

It’s not often that I get e-mails from Race Control, like the one I just received from Hungaroring extending an invitation to marshal an event at their circuit, the Hungarian GP. Usually when such communication arrives it scolds me for taking too many pictures or sharing application forms for an oversubscribed event. But the Hungarian ASN wants Jessie (from and I to marshal there, and I would like to extend this invitation to all of you reading this post!

Why should you marshal the Hungarian Grand Prix?

There are many reasons, but I’ll list but a few that I’ve learned from visiting Budapest and working alongside Hungarian marshals at various events.

faniculare, budapest

First the marshals. Hungarians like many other Eastern Europeans are incredibly friendly and warm people. They will wholeheartedly welcome you to their country and go above and beyond with amazing hospitality. I made friends with a Hungarian marshal living in the UK before volunteering at the British GP a few years ago. And the guy turned out to be one of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. Especially since I injured myself at Silverstone. I am very thankful to Jozsef for letting me borrow his tent during the race weekend, and driving me around everywhere making my life much easier.

I’ve also worked with a group of Hungarian marshals at the Canadian GP. They were professional, courteous and very receptive to the way things were done at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. I’m sure they would make anyone from America or Canada feel right at home at Hungaroring.

buda pest hungary

Second, visiting Budapest is worth a trip even if you don’t see the Hungarian GP reason enough to go. I really liked Buda but Pest on the other side of the river was even more beautiful. Amazing Castle, cobble stone streets. Incredible food. And incredibly cheap… if you’re afraid of a trip to Europe because the pricing scares you, Budapest is one of the more affordable places to go to in the summer!

So if you’re interested, get in touch with me or Jessie. We’ll be happy to forward your contact information directly to the organizers. They’ll be happy to hear from you. (just remember to provide an authorization e-mail from your ASN confirming your credentials)

PS. you must try the local food! I may be biased because to me it tasted quite similar to Ukrainian food which I grew up eating, but it is uniquely different from much of what you’re used to, I’m sure.

hungarian foodI got to transit via Budapest on my first trip volunteering in the Middle East, read about it here: Brahrain & here: Abu Dhabi.