Indianapolis: IndyCar & MotoGP Marshals Registration Open

As of this week, if you wish to volunteer as a marshal for a few inner track events at Indianapolis, the registration process is about to start. New this year is an additional IndyCar race, not the world famous Indy 500 going around the oval, but a shorter event using the same road course that Grand Am and IMSA TUSC series used.

Similarly, Indianapolis turns into a biker town when MotoGP comes around, and I would highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to marshal there. If you wish contact details for either of the events, by all means get in touch.

Keep in mind that Indianapolis events are run by United States Auto Club and there is a small registration fee that pays for your very fancy dinner the night before the events start. You will also get a nice Indianapolis Motor Speedway hat and a polo shirt, as well as possible other swag for participating. USAC provides marshal uniforms (the blue overalls) so you can travel light to the event. Do bring your own gloves, whistle, earplugs and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget your rain gear as Indy gets pretty stormy on occasion.

Here are some photos from some of the events I marshaled there:

grand am indy 1

motogp indianapolis 1

motogp indianapolis