IndyGP debrief – the MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I am inspired by the wonderful photos from our papparazzo Misty to share a few thougths on this weekend, and the fun we had hanging out with her, Felix and Aaron downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

motogp indy 6

This trip too, was one of the few I’ve done lately that actually involved driving a proper “Road Trip” I set out on a 1,500 mile drive in my old 150,000 mile Jeep… and that in itself was an adventure. Especially discovering new gear oil smells along the way, or the obviously leaking tire that warranted the use of the spare on the drive home.

The racing on our station was uneventful. That was my fault, while we are allowed to request stations, I left that option open hoping for the best. And turn 12 seems miles away from the actual course, where nothing happened. But everyone I’ve spoken with suggested there were great moments, including a few track records set over the weekend. We did have an ambulance stationed with us, and a recovery truck that picked up a number of bikes from turn 10 before us, that was really the only action we saw.

I camped at the track for the first time, which was quite exciting. Though the camping area lacked showers. But other than that it was very convenient being so close to the track, I didn’t have to use my Jeep all weekend. My buddy Felix put my guest pass to good use inviting Misty and Aaron to join us for some fun downtown Indy. There was a tremendous amount of bikes in town, and lots of motorcycle fans enjoying the ambiance. I had a great time.

Now here’s some photos courtesy of Misty:

motogp misty 1

motogp misty 2

motogp misty 3

motogp misty 4

motogp misty 5

We got to play a little with Felix’s GoPro… very impressed and can’t wait to get my own!