Inspiration from Alex Zanardi

I try not to pick favorite cars or favorite drivers, but its hard not to be inspired by those that do something extraordinary like Alessandro “Alex” Zanardi’s gold medal at the London Paralympics 2012. His story is truly incredible, an Italian racing driver that had a mediocre time in Formula 1, moved on to the US Champ Car series where he had some success, moved back to Formula 1 unsuccessfully and then back to Champ Car where a high speed crash resulted in him losing both legs above the knee. Yet instead of giving up as an invalid he has continued racing both cars and cycles winning a gold medal and many hearts from both automotive enthusiast crowd and general public alike.

Racing is a dangerous sport for everyone involved: racers, marshals and spectators.

Ayrton Senna – a vocal advocate for safety improvements, lost his life doing what he loved thankfully Alex Zanardi survived his horrible crash and continues to pursue advances in technology which allowed him to get behind the wheel and continue racing. Nothing should get in the way of pursuing a passion, I respect that!