Inspiration from Red Bull

In the interest of full disclosure I am not a die hard Red Bull fan, instead I am seriously inspired by the whole Red Bull story and the amount of sport sponsorship they involve themselves in. So I wanted to share this story with others.

While I do own a number of Red Bull and Krating Daeng shirts I purchased in Thailand, occasionally I wear my New York Red Bulls soccer team shirt which is based right here in New Jersey. I’ve been to a bunch of events like the Red Bull Air Race in NYC/NJ. Volunteered at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix / MotoGP in Indy. I mean you’d think I drink Red Bull like water, but that’s not the case. I do enjoy an occasional Krating Daeng (original Thai Red Bull in a short gold can) every time I’m in Southeast Asia because it tastes much better than the westerninzed version in the blue and silver can. But the story of the way the company came about is what really fascinates me.

Red Bull as we know it started in the late 1980’s when an Austrian marketing genius used Krating Daeng to cure his jet lag on a visit to Thailand… thousands of dollars later Red Bull was launched as an energy drink export to the world that has now became the highest performing / best sold energy drink in the world. Read the full story on Wikipedia: and don’t forget to read the background story as well: TC Pharmaceuticals founding family, the company behind Krating Daeng holds the sole import rights of Ferrari’s to Thailand. This is one idea I wish would come along in my career, not to the same magnitude, but how exciting would that be?

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