Invitation to Marshal the 2015 SBK Superbikes at Phillip Island

Dear colleagues,

You are invited to participate in next year’s SBK Superbike event at Phillip Island in beautiful Victoria, Australia.

This is the reason why, for the most part, they are not hurting for volunteers. Unlike some events, like say the US Grand Prix – which struggled to meet the minimum staffing requirements, early registration invites like these work…. and for the few bux that it costs to do it properly, I believe it’s certainly worth the effort to make an event run smoothly and safely.

SBK superbikes invitation Phillip Island

When I get mail like this (especially from Australia because they are basically the only ones still doing this) it’s like a Christmas gift. Even when I doubt I’ll be able to participate, a big part of me really wants to sign up. The reason I post this is to help spread the word and hopefully you will sign up as a result. Feel free to contact me for details or reach out to the Phillip Island organization directly.

Enjoy the race, it’s fantastic!