Invitation to Marshal the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP at Phillip Island)

Every year I get a thick envelope from Australia containing several sheets of an application to register for a Phillip Island motorcycle event. This year I’ve gotten two of them, one for World SBK superbikes an event that I volunteered in 2013 and another for the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix featuring MotoGP on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

This is an incredible opportunity for any Motos fans out there. Australia embraces it’s motorcycling culture (both legitimate and the bikey gang subculuture) and these SBK/MotoGP events are attended in huge numbers.

The event where I worked Siberia corner we had a whole display of spectator bikes parked up behind the turn with all the attendees watching the racing and admiring each other’s bikes. It was so cool.

australian motorcycle grand prix invitation

To apply send me a quick note via facebook and I will forward my application to you. If you are considering this event from outside of Australia or New Zealand consider that Malaysian MotoGP is back to back with the event at Phillip Island. And if you think Australia is bike crazy, you can only imagine how big the event is at Sepang International Circuit (it’s huge both from spectator perspective as well as from the marshal’s point of view).

Go register now!

You will absolutely enjoy it.


Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix web site:

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