I just RSVP’d to a Jalopnik Le Mans 24 hour watching party, you should too if you can make it to Brooklyn, New York June 15 and 16.

Sign up here, it’s Free: https://lemanstravaganza.splashthat.com/

Now I need to decide whether to take the Miata to Brooklyn or the city Subway will do..?

It’s been a while since I attended a Jalopnik event. Once I remember I went to a movie screening and was one of only a handful of people to show up. But their more recent events seem more popular. Judging by the pix from last year it looks like a lot of fun with not just the race on a big screen, but also video games, legos and puzzles, food and a bunch of young guys in blipshift tee’s, few girls and random families too.

Blipshift t-shirts [photo credit Jalopnik]

As antisocial as I sometimes get it would be nice to meet new people and hopefully not get annoyed when more people will undoubtedly be into all the activities rather than the big race, which I presume will just be playing in the background. But now that I’m unemployed again and not medically fit to participate as a marshal (had to cancel Trans Am at Lime Rock due to an acute gout attack) it’s time to stop living the loser life and get out into the public.

Come join me, or say hello at the party!