Korean V8 Superrace Hyundai Genesis

So little information is available online about the Korean V8 Supercars / GT series of racing that includes some incredibly fat looking Hyundai Genesis sedans-prototypes. To me, working the Korean F1 Grand Prix, watching the local support race featuring these vehicles was the highlight of the visit. Yet I can’t seem to find any info about them searching here.

korean gp 6

genesis superrace 1

genesis superrace 2

genesis superrace 3

genesis superrace 4

genesis super race 5

The cars were pretty quick around the track. Ironically they were mixed with about four other classes of racers, including the Genesis Coupe which were the second fastest but nowhere near to the speed of these prototypes. They are obviously V8 powered, have some massive Brembo’s to stop them, and share very little with the production car except for maybe headlights and tail lights. Would love to learn more about these racers.