Lime Rock Needs Marshals for the Memorial Day Trans Am Weekend

For anyone in the New York City Metropolitan area, New England, New York/New Jersey, Connecticut or Massachusetts looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend, why not come out and volunteer for an excellent Motorsport event at Lime Rock Park: the SCCA PRO Trans Am racing… you know the true American muscle, V8’s, big wings, cars going so fast they get air taking the “uphill” I guarantee you will have a good time or you get your money back.

I recently got the invite from Andy Smith, the flag chief at Lime Rock who is a pretty awesome guy there and one I really enjoy working with. Registration is through the web site. The track is going through some major renovations so it’ll be nice to see how they configure things. Lime Rock also pays marshals $50 per day for their participation. There’s no racing on Sunday but they put on a nice car show, if that’s your sort of thing. There’s also some racing on Monday.

trans am lime rock park

northeast grand prix lime rock 3

I would really like to return to Lime Rock for the Trans Am weekend, but I have yet to register myself. Partly because I’m not sure what role I should register for. While Andy Smith has been amazing to me from the first weekend I met him and worked on a same station (at Bridge) other people were far less welcoming or friendly. There are some real snakes that I’ve had the displeasure to volunteer with and would hate to find myself in a position to be on the same station with them again. It’s just not worth the trouble for me or for someone that thinks they could fuck with me to work together. So it’s a problem that I must consider before registration.

I highly recommend the track and this particular event to anyone interested in good quality racing.

I’ll be sure to blog about my experience if I end up volunteering there.