Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

A slightly overdue debrief for the 2013 Petronas Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, the 15th anniversary of the event at Sepang International F1 Circuit. One word summation: awesome!

This was my second year participating as a marshal for MGP. Like last year there were very few foreigner marshals, however all the locals couldn’t be any more welcoming. Unlike last year where I stayed at the Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, I decided to go the  local route and asked for some cabin space right at mustering tent, like many of the locals. Unfortunately for me, by the time I showed up all the space was taken, but having made some friends last year I was able to squeeze in with the recovery crew cabin, and made many more friends this time around. A beautiful thing about this experience, we got to go out to town every night after the track activities and eat some amazing local food “makan-makan” was the keyword of the GP (which means eating) and being a fan of the cuisine this was an experience all in itself.

In terms of actual racing, I was really lucky to work with the same team that took me under their wing last year. This time around we were at turn 6, station 6B to be exact, with an excellent view of much of the Esses and even last turn was clearly visible in the distance so it was nice to keep track of the leaders. I got to flag for the most part, sweep the track as my official role was Intervention Marshal, and even play with the digiboard which was changed for this year. (not necessarily for the better I must add)

All in all, amazing experience and if I could afford it I will definitely come back in the future. Terima Kasih Malaysia!

malaysian gp pit

malaysian gp 1

malaysian gp

malaysian gp team

malaysian gp certificate