Marshal Cam Patches arrived from Hong Kong

UPDATE (8/2015): New #MarshalCam patches arrived from HK

To celebrate 100 Likes on the Marshal Cam facebook page: I am giving away patches FREE of charge to anyone that submits their Marshal Cam Questionnaire video. Pretty sweet deal for a patch collector. My first batch of 100 patches arrived from Hong Kong this morning, and I’ve already got a few envelopes going out to contributors in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

What’s the idea behind Marshal Cam?

I always wanted to promote what we do as marshals through social media. But doing so always got me in trouble, particularly posting photos I took at major events like F1 or ALMS, often times weeks after I took the photos discreetly while marshaling.

So to avoid any copyright rules imposed by the series or the track where we marshal, but to still have a voice, I devoted the idea of Marshal Cam to the actual marshals. Not the racing vehicles or the famous drivers, but the ordinary marshals I’ve met and worked with around the world that talk about why they volunteer, and how others can get involved. The videos are simple, and shot at the luxury of one’s home or office using a web cam or a cell phone camera. People share their raw footage via Drop Box and I edit it to upload to Facebook and YouTube. The result is exposure to marshaling as a hobby worldwide, through popular social media channels that are open to the general public.

Any automotive or motorsport enthusiast should consider volunteering. I would have started much earlier had I known it was possible. Marshal Cam idea spreads the word organically.

So contribute please, and get a nifty new patch for it!

marshal cam

For comparison purposes to see how it matches your other patches:

marshal cam 1

marshal cam 2