Marshal Cam

I’m excited to report that the video version of this blog is up and running on Facebook and YouTube. The Marshal Cam channel with the Twitter keyword #MarshalCam is Live!

Initially I posted a video on my Facebook profile to encourage friends I’ve met volunteering around the world to contribute… here’s the video:

In addition I had made another video of exactly what I was looking to do, a sample:

And I was quite thrilled when a fellow marshal from the UK whom I worked the British GP together at Silverstone quickly send in her’s:

I also created a Facebook Fan Page here: Marshal Cam and people are liking things so far, though a few more video submissions so I can create my big Marshal Cam mash-up would be great. Here’s the YouTube channel that you should Subscribe to: How to become a Marshal?

So far a lot of people are asking “Why do this?” “What’s the purpose of this video?”

Why am I doing this? Because nobody else is. Not the FIA, FIM, ACO… IMSA… or any of the clubs are doing much on a local or grander scale. Sure some SCCA clubs have produced promo videos locally but it doesn’t quite encourage someone that may stumble upon it on YouTube or Facebook to say: “Hey, I’d like to try volunteering!” and it’s a shame…

So despite the often cynical criticism I seem to get, the goal is genuinely to promote the idea of volunteering in motorsport. I wish I knew I could volunteer about ten years ago when I first came out to Giants Stadium in the Meadwolands to watch SCCA SOLO racing. I thought marshals were paid and had highly coveted jobs. The reality is organizations struggle to get enough marshals to run events. Promoting us, what we do, openly on social media may encourage new participation. And we all win from that.

Now through #MarshalCam I don’t promote filming at motorsport events. That goes against the rules of most organizations including the FIA, F1, IMSA, and all the tracks get bent out of shape when people film without their permission while representing the track. So doing a video on web cam or smart phone from the comfort of your own home or office is innocent enough without breaking any rules or infringing copyrights.

I really hope the idea takes off… if just a little bit! At the very least we will show how diverse the marshals are from around the world, and how similar we are sharing the same hobby in racing!