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When you volunteer for major events a number of things are provided to you. Generally speaking you get the white, orange or sometimes different color overalls (blue for Indianapolis/grey for Abu Dhabi, etc.) an event hat, some ear plugs and a whistle.

For most North American events and some events in the Pacific you have to have your own. So this page is designed to give you a list of marshal essentials that you should have in your marshalling bag ready to go for an event. Some people gear up far more hardcore than I do, so you won’t find recommendations for knives, scissors and other useful but tricky marshalling aides that could get you kicked off a plane or confiscated when travelling. So the list is very basic, you can go as crazy however as your budget allows.

The Marshal Essentials List:

  • overalls / coveralls
  • cotton long-sleeve shirt & pants
  • rain gear (forbidden colors red/yellow, ideal colors orange/clear)
  • ear protection
  • eye protection
  • head gear/hat/cap for sun/rain
  • comfortable shoes
  • gloves
  • belt to clip your gear and radio
  • whistle

A useful shopping place for all the essential marshalling equipment is online of course, has some of the most competitive prices I’ve seen, and I’m a customer. Checkout our Amazon widget to get your gear:

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