#MarshalCam Interviews at COTA Formula 1 USGP

Following an excellent weekend for the #MarshalCam project at Road Atlanta over Petit Le Mans, the lucky streak continued at the Circuit of the Americas during the United States F1 Grand Prix. I got very positive response to the idea and managed to shoot several videos.

First up, Dave from Washington

Though I didn’t know him personally, Dave overheard me asking another marshal for an interview and jumped right in. Turns out Dave was actually captain at the previous turn to mine, at 11B. And we shared a few delicious meals together in Austin as he was splitting accommodation with my friends Michael and Sean.

Then Shyam jumped in front of the camera.

Shyam is a special story because I’ve known him the longest of all the marshals I volunteered with at COTA. We actually met in Singapore during my first year volunteering there. Shyam has since moved to San Francisco and has now become an American marshal, though the more accurate description is an Indian marshal from Singapore currently living in the US.

And finally Michael:

Like my buddy Julio in Australia, Michael has a ridiculous amount of experience spanning two decades. I have a great deal of admiration for him and all the events he has under his belt, including a paid stint following CHAMPCAR around including international races in Mexico.

cota marshal cam

Enjoy the videos and please submit yours for the #MarshalCam project! Thanks for your support and for spreading the word about Motorsport volunteering.