#MarshalCam Video Spotlight

As the idea of #MarshalCam has grown nicely and my supply of patches has dwindled, I wanted to spotlight a few recent videos that I think were done exceptionally well and should serve as an example for others submitting their videos.

Mike and Dani from Belgium send their submission while highlighting their “Belgian Marshal Team 31” group. The video is professionally shot, and if not for the sudden gust of wind is perfect, exactly what I’d love to see more of. I encourage others to promote their home club, track, or marshaling group. There’s no shame in self promotion!

Graeme from Australia did an excellent job of filming at home, in the shed with wonderful Ford Falcon posters in the background. (though my favorite noise in the video came from the local wildlife, see if you can spot it – sure brings great memories when I lived there). This is an excellent example showing the concept can be perfectly shot off track in the comfort of one’s home.

Faten from Bahrain send one of the most comprehensive submissions I’ve ever received. She admitted that there were a few errors like when she meant to say V8 Supercar series but blurted out NASCAR instead… I’ve done that. Just goes to show that pointing a camera in your face and acting natural isn’t easy. When I did my invite video it took me well over two dozen attempts to get the storyline right, the video was only 30 seconds and I still managed to stutter in closing. But back to my friend “Lefty” she did an awesome job and I wish other people also put as much thought into their #MarshalCam interview.

The last video I want to highlight is one I shot myself at the Vintage event held at Lime Rock Park. Yes, I did stutter again and messed up my friend Trevor’s name (did I just call him Trouble?) but I have to give credit where credit is due, and Trevor killed it. Excellent job especially since we shot his interview all in one take.

So please send your submissions via DropBox and I will gladly feature them on MarshalCam.com and our Facebook/Twitter and YouTube social media channels. Everyone’s submission is welcome and you get a Marshal Cam patch FREE for your efforts. Thank you for your participation, it is truly appreciated. Thank you also for helping to promote volunteering in Motorsport!