Marshal Cam promotes volunteering in motorsport by interviewing marshals around the world about their hobby. Each participant receives a Marshal Cam sew-on-patch for their gearFREE of charge.

We are active on social media. Like our Facebook Page: and follow us on Twitter: Send us a tweet @MarshalCam Please use our trendy hashtag: #MarshalCam to help promote volunteering in motorsport.

Marshal Cam Questionnaire is available in several languages here.

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The Marshal Cam Questionnaire:

  1. What’s your name? (first name or nickname only)  / Where are you from? (state, region or country)
  2. Where do you volunteer? (home racetrack, or multiple tracks you volunteer) / What specialty? (flag, track, comms, pit & grid, starter)
  3. When did you start marshalling? / Where?
  4. What is your favorite race track? / Series? Race car? Driver?
  5. Why do you volunteer? / Would you recommend volunteering to others? Why?
  6. What do you like most about marshalling?
  7. What do you NOT like about marshalling? / What would you change?
  8. What was your craziest experience? / What was the most fun experience?
  9. Have you travelled to volunteer? / Regionally / Domestically / Internationally? Where? When?
  10. What must visiting marshals learn about your country? / What do you recommend? Local lingo to learn? Food to try? Sights to see?

     Marshal Cam does not encourage camera use at motorsport events against the social media rules of the organizer, the hosting track or the marshalling club in charge. We encourage marshals to get on camera from the comfort of their home to share their thoughts without infringing on any copyrights set forth by the powers that be. Discussing motorsport volunteering without the use of logos or video of cars racing is equally exciting, the use of photos or videos of racing in action is only encouraged when the user has the right to that content.


As of August 2015 we have two designs available for distribution to the marshals that either record a video interview or decide to purchase the patches outright. The pricing is reasonable and shipping is available to most countries except for Malaysia (they never make it there). Please send a private message via facebook, twitter or by replying in the comments below to request your patch. Special thanks to Joey from Singapore for the outstanding design work!

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