MaxiEndurance is a Go!

Once the flight is booked there’s no backing out of the event, so my Maxi Enduro 32h is a definite Go! In a typical fashion I’ll be doing a marathon across most of Europe to get to Algarve coast in Portugal with connections in Switzerland, Spain and Germany on the way. Though I won’t have much time to check out Zürich, and will probably have to run across the terminal in Palma de Mallorca (Majorca) to make my flight, I will get to spend the night in Düsseldorf. And while I arrive late, based on my experience in Germany last year around the same time when I went to Bahrain 6h, Sepang 3h and Gulf 12h in Abu Dhabi… well the Christmas markets will be a nice site to revisit.

europe car rental

I got very lucky with my award flight availability and will have just enough time to sightsee around Faro upon arrival and possibly a few hours before my departure the day after the event. I’m amazed with how cheap the car rentals are. Not the traditional companies I typically rent from via but the no-name brand off the airport property… it’s something like 1/3rd the price. I am definitely looking forward to driving around Europe… I had such a blast a few years ago in Southern Spain (Costa Blanca around Alicante) with a little Smart ForTwo from Sixt.

autodromo internacional algarve maxi 32h

I love everything about this trip so far. Such excellent reviews about Faro and Portimão. I’ve been spoiled with Iberian food here in NJ with a large Portuguese population in the Ironbound area of Newark, but the authentic stuff I really can’t wait to try firsthand.

I am also extremely happy with the organizers that have been more than welcoming so far. That my friends is crucial in organizing events as a travelling marshal. When there’s no resistance from a local ASN or the organizing body, and instead they encourage you to come, is a fantastic experience. I’m very thankful. Obrigado!

As far as the race goes, I’m really eager to see the HTP Mercedes SLS dominate. But there will be some other gems on display also. Maybe not the caliber of the field as one would see in the European Le Mans Series, Blancpain Endurance or Sprint Series or GT Open, but still. The CN prototype class has four manufacturers represented. Wolf and Radical I have already seen race in Abu Dhabi but the Tatuus and Norma will be a new sight for me. The widebody European V6 Cup cars like the Renault Clio, Seat Supercopa and GC V6 Silueta (which looks like a slammed VW Rabbit) will be awesome to watch. I’m really excited!

maxi endurance viper acr

The one car I have little optimism for is this older model Viper ACR. As much as I’m an SRT fan and all, and seeing how this is the Press Car for the event, I have my doubts it will actually last the 32 hours. I will be very pleasantly surprised to see it finish.

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