Mazda Miata MX-5

Hey, remember that post from Petit Le Mans where I mentioned my search for a Mazda Miata? You know the Mazdaspeed swag I won at the Road Atlanta volunteer marshal party?

mazda mazdaspeed swag petit le mans

Well, it’s been many months since I started looking for a Miata to buy and I still haven’t gotten my hands on one. I don’t want to sound frustrated yet, because there’s a simple solution to my problem. Simply, I can go in debt and buy any Miata I want, but realistically I’m trying to land a deal. The best car I can afford for the least amount of money spent on it. And that search hasn’t been very easy.

This week I have viewed three cars and test drove two of them. What I’m after is an NC model car which is the third generation, the latest generation before the newly announced ND hits the market. The cars I saw were 2006, 2007 and 2008 model year cars in various conditions and specs. The 2006 was the furthest away, about 100 miles or 2 hours drive from where I live. Beautiful red color with black painted wheels. Lots of mods, like Koni adjustable shocks, H&R springs, drilled and slotted rotors and probably other stuff. I especially liked the red painted calipers. But it had an accident on it’s Carfax car history report and the whole car was repainted, which probably means the accident was pretty moderate to severe.

The 2007 was a little bit closer. Featured Momo wheels but otherwise stock, and had a lot of miles on it. There was a rather large dent on the front fender and Carfax reflected that, or possibly larger accident that had occurred with this car. It drove rough, and was obviously in need of some suspension work.

Finally the 2008 was sold by a local dealer who had it prominently displayed at the front entrance of the store. The dealership: Mazda of Lodi, is literally a few miles from where I live, so by far the closest one. Only has 15k miles on it, but the body is completely banged up. I’ve seen limos in better shape than this car and they have hundreds of thousands of miles on them. So something was very fishy about it. As a result I think the dealer was a major jerk to me, wouldn’t let me drive it until I told him how I was paying for the car which I wasn’t sure I’d buy since it was so badly abused, so I got up and walked out.

So my search continues. And seeing such huge fields of Miata’s racing in SCCA club racing as well as pro series like the Playboy MX-5 Cup or the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, I know this is a perfect car for me. Never in my life had I spend so much time shopping for a car though. Typically, I’d arrive at a government auction, spend twenty minutes or so browsing, and then bid for the car up to the amount I could afford. Bought countless Crown Vic Police Interceptors (CVPI – P71’s) this way, my Impala, the Explorers, Jeep Grand Cherokee and other cars. This is taking forever. I’ve now also joined the forum to seek opinion and recommendations from current owners. I’m by no means a newbie to automotive forums, hell I put (CVN) as club membership on my US citizenship application (silly I know) but I took that stuff seriously and frequented the Impala, Explorer, Jeep and other forums… this is a start of a new beautiful automotive relationship that will result in some new friendships. Hopefully around the world that will go nicely with my Motorsport volunteering. Now if only I could finally buy the damn car! ­čÖé

PS. If you come across a decent shape NC Miata and I buy it thanks to your referral I’m happy to pay you a small finders fee… HELP!

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