Mazda MX-5: To “Roadster” or Not To Roadster?

UPDATE: The “Roadster” badge has been purchased/installed. Click here for the latest post: JDM “Roadster” badge.


I’m debating whether to add or replace the stock badge with a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) “Roadster” badge on the trunk of my MX-5 Miata.

Should I?

The badge would either replace or be added above the standard “MX-5” badge on the right side of the trunk or replace the “Mazda” badge on the left side of the trunk. Like so:

mx-5 roadster badge
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or like so:


The badge is available for sale from a few places. Password:JDM sells it for $21.50 plus $5.50 shipping. eBay has a US seller listing it at $39 + $6 shipping, and a Japanese seller listed $30 + $17 shipping. Someone on pointed out a Japanese company that lists it at a more realistic $13.45 + whatever shipping may cost.

roadster oem
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I’m tempted to order it to further personalize my car. After these little touches there will be other more performance oriented mods/repairs. But at this point I think I’ll stick to the aesthetics.


Read about this post from December about the initial personal touches to my Mazda: Personal touchest to my Miata.