Mazda’s Test Drive Experience: $25.00 Complimentary Virtual Mazda Visa Prepaid Card

November 10 Update:


Why a SCAM? Because no one at the dealership knew what the promotion was or how to apply it. Excuses were made, phone calls lead to nowhere, left with nothing but confusion. Not the way these “promotions” should work.

read about my pathetic dealership experience here. 

Yesterday I went to my local Hyundai dealer to test drive a random car so they can give me a $50 Target gift card for my participation. I showed up at the showroom, the manager came out asking if I really wanted to drive the car or if I’d just take the card and go away… I happily agreed to just take the gift card and buggered off.

I came across that deal on my favorite shopping deals web site that I visit at least once daily. Today I came across a similar test drive experience offer from Mazda… but this time I’ll insist on getting behind the wheel!

The promotion can be found here:


The Gift Card offers seem to pop up regularly… while doing a Google search for a Mazda Pre-Paid Visa Card graphic I found quite a few older articles promoting a Mazda6 test drive in 2010 or a more recent $25 iTunes gift card promotion. The $25 Visa e-gift card seems to be most useful for my personal unemployed use today. But obviously others may find different options more rewarding. So bookmark the URL address or save it in your favorites and re-visit often.

In the meantime go out there and test drive a new Mazda today!



I don’t know about you, but getting contacted by a Mazda dealer as a result of this promotion wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Of course if my experience is anything like what it was when I went to test drive a used 2008 MX-5 Miata at Mazda of Lodi when I was shopping for my first Mazda… it’s an experience I’d rather forget.

Stay tuned and I’ll share the outcome of this one!