Media from 24h of Le Mans

Huge… absolutely massive thanks to my good buddy Julio, the Spanish marshal at Le Mans, who very generously snapped a few awesome shots while we were acting as spectators at Le Mans 2014. I had the pleasure of working on the Spanish team again at poste 106 and these guys treated me absolutely and genuinely well.

I would love an opportunity to work with Julio and his friends again and again whether at Le Mans or Spa 24h in the future.

But without any further ado, here are the pix:

2014 le mans 1

2014 le mans 2

2014 le mans 3

2014 le mans

2014 le mans 4

2014 le mans 5

2014 le mans 6

As you can see in the photos this year was definitely the year of the Porsche. So many classics on display. So many amazing cars I only wished I saw in action when they were racing similar Mercedes and BMW prototypes. We even got a private tour of the Porsche garage as a few of Julios mates work as engineers for the team. Fantastic experience for sure! Thanks again Julio….