Mo’s Flagging Page

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on the Pro Marshal Handbook and for a site that nobody visits, this has been a fairly popular topic. I hope the finished product will meet some people’s expectations and actually helps potential marshals with valuable information.

I’ve also gotten a lot of criticism about it, because I haven’t been focusing on the SCCA Club events out there, and all the club information. There is a reason for it. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m mentioning “Mo’s Flagging Page” on my blog, but over the past three years that site has been a very useful resource for me when working Club events. So I would encourage anyone that is interested in volunteering with the SCCA for their club events to go on Mo’s site and help yourself with all the valuable information presented there:


Mo does an excellent job of presenting information that may not be so readily available from the SCCA directly, and if it is it may be buried somewhere with other information that may not be relevant to what you are actually looking for. Some information there has been taken from individual SCCA regional clubs like the MTM  Michigan Turn Marshals which does an excellent job in and of itself of recruiting and training marshals in the Michigan area. I have had the pleasure of working with a few MTM marshals and they are quite easy to spot trackside sporting MTM gear that has Hand Signals (Numbers) featured right on the sleeves of their hoodies, ie. 147, 268, 359… and Zero! swoosh. The hand signals, for every other situation for SCCA events are also very nicely illustrated and shown on Mo’s page. I had studied them frequently when I first went to Summit Point and Lime Rock.

As far as my Pro Marshal Handbook it focuses on all “pro” level events around this country and our neighbors to the North. Whether SCCA provides marshals, USAC, USARM, RSI, or the individual circuits that actually hire their own workers. And Hey!… you too as an SCCA member or a non-SCCA member can get a job with a specific circuit to work a particular event.

I must also stress that I am in no position to offer training to anyone wishing to learn more about marshaling. I am merely collecting information which I am presenting in a standardized template that I developed. Any help or contribution from the readers to improve that template and all the information researched for it is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!


PS. I support Mo’s suggestion for the single FCY flag which would simplify the process of holding double-yellow flags with one hand and trying to hold a surface or wave a white flag at the same time. Seems like FIA/ACO WEC have listened and created the FCY board which is held with a single yellow flag waved for their events, but I have a feeling Mo was targeting sanctioning bodies closer to home for this helpful change. (helpful because it is obviously targeted at events where there isn’t enough marshals to wave separate flags and one person is expected to do it all). Read more here:

single fcy full course yellow flag