Motorsport Safety Fund: Videos

I’m thrilled to share with the readers my latest find, the Motorsport Safety Fund training videos which were uploaded to YouTube recently (previously only available to the MSA marshals in the UK), here:

What’s the big deal about these training videos?

They should be required watching for any new marshals like me or even experienced marshals to refresh their skills. While nothing beats on the job training as many would have you believe, knowing the principles and concepts first helps to deal with situations greatly. It prepares you by managing your expectations, and having seen something happen before, albeit on TV. This info is priceless! Thank you very much Motorsport Safety Fund for this kind gesture in sharing the videos with the marshals worldwide. Everyone benefits by knowing the same info, especially when working together in a diverse setting of a major international event.

The fire training video was most helpful to me, personally. It is one aspect of training I have yet to have any hands-on experience with: