NASCAR at Watkins Glen International

Here is a post that will not require a debrief. Its only Friday, a wet day, and I’m already wishing I went to Road America for ALMS/Grand-Am instead. Here’s why: pure boredom. Don’t let the huge crowds fool you. They are as big or even bigger than last year, and last year Grand-Am was a support race. Clearly the spectators come for NASCAR! These fans are hardcore.

nascar wgi 1

nascar wgi 2

nascar wgi 3

nascar wgi 4

nascar wgi 5

For the flaggers, the RSI members, its boring. We are only using blue and yellow flags sparcely. Luckily for the majority of the marshals NASCAR is king, but for me I think I will stick to Sports Cars in the future.

nascar wgi 6

nascar wgi 7

nascar wgi 9

nascar watkins glen