NERRC Championship Finale & Historic Race Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

I am not ready for my marshaling / racing season to be over, so I just signed up to flag one more day at Thompson Speedway… hopefully this time I’ll get a chance to get on the Starter stand to do some learning.

Jessie from and NER SCCA is looking for more volunteers, so IF you can join, please do!

Join us for New England Region’s last race of the 2015 season! Planned for this weekend is the John Stim Memorial, NERRC Championship Finale & Historic Race Group. Friday dinner will be served at the Clubhouse Tent, featuring the Annual NER Workers Award Presentations. A garage party is planned for Saturday evening. And don’t forget – double tips for those who are flagging on Friday!
For the campers: new showers are now available under the oval track grandstands. TSMP has been advertising this as a spectator event, so we can expect to see more than the usual attendees. Maybe we can recruit a few new flaggers!
If you plan to attend, please register on motorsportreg or drop us an email specifying which days you’ll be there.  In your email, please include any special station assignment requests you might have.

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