New #MarshalCam Patches arrived from Hong Kong

Great news! My latest $400 order of Marshal Cam patches has arrived from Hong Kong. Yay…

First, I can’t believe I’ve spent that much money on freaking patches. But I’m happy to have a new stash to give out to marshals that share their story on the Marshal Cam web site:

marshal cam australia and america patches for marshal interviews

What is Marshal Cam?

It’s an idea I started a few years ago to interview marshals I meet around the world about their hobby, with the hopes of promoting the concept of volunteering in Motorsport. I believe by placing these videos online for everyone to see may result in kids stumbling upon them and picking up marshaling as an interest. Something they could do locally like many marshals do, or travel internationally which is what I enjoy doing the most. We as a marshaling community certainly need more people getting involved and sadly few organizations do much about recruiting like they should, this involves the FIA and even local clubs like the SCCA in the US.

So there you have it. It’s my contribution to this hobby which is also a fun thing to do for the people that choose to participate in the project.

So far I’ve given out 100 patches from the previous batch I ordered, read more about it here: Marshal Cam Patches have arrived from Hong Kong. The patches were designed by Joey in Singapore. The red, white and blue design is inspired by the American interstate system sign while the green and yellow design is inspired by the Australian interstate system sign. This should be a neat gift I will be offering to marshals I meet on my travels to the Pacific in February.

For anyone interested in participating in this project, this is what you need to do: answer the Marshal Cam questionnaire in front of a camera, and submit the video through YouTube or Facebook using #MarshalCam hashtag.

For the camera shy people, I will be selling the patches to recoup some of the costs, if you are interested in buying one or a few, please get in touch through facebook. Get them while supplies last.

marshal cam patches australia design america new 1