Perks of RSI Membership

It’s the start of the year and Race Services Inc. (RSI) has sent out it’s membership renewal application which consists of a “contract” requiring a signature to agree to (among other things) the understanding that volunteering with the club is an extremely hazardous undertaking; absolutely no monetary compensation of any form should be expected; RSI cannot be held responsible for any bodily injury or damage/loss of personal property; etc. And a Medical History Form which is a way to self-report any current or past medical treatment, allergies, past surgeries and current medications taken. Pretty smart idea!

What took me by surprise was a little gem at the bottom of “The Pursuit” newsletter that accompanied the membership renewal application which offered to subsidize in a form of $200 reimbursement of up to 10 RSI members to attend the SCCA National Convention, which this year is being held in Charlotte, NC.

Why is this surprising to me?

Because while working with the RSI I didn’t get the impression the club wanted anything to do with the SCCA, nevermind subsidize attending their conventions. Even though some RSI members are obviously SCCA members (myself included). To be a member of the RSI though, SCCA membership is not required. So that’s why I find it very interesting.

There is also a note about attending the NASCAR Summit. This I find less surprising because RSI works very closely with NASCAR by hosting a training day organized by NASCAR itself at the start of every year. That, I wish to personally attend one day.

So there you have it. Join RSI and take advantage of some serious opportunities that I didn’t even know existed, until now.

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