Mazda MX-5: Personal touches to my Miata

I’ve started the year off with a spirited drive in the Mazda!

Unlike last year, the snow has held off this January and it’s the perfect time to take the MX-5 for a spin around the neighborhood. So far, my little red sports car has been keeping me preoccupied with ways of personalizing it to my liking as well as fixing the little issues it came with from the previous owner.

I thought all that black plastic behind the seats looked very monotonous and plain, so I added a little chrome to it. Originally it was meant to feature a #MarshalCam patch but instead of super gluing a piece of cloth there, I thought a trunk badge would do better. I love the way it looks now. The eBay bought badge arrived at 6pm on New Year’s Eve and by New Year’s day it was on the car!

Miata badge 1

Miata badge 2

Miata badge 4

Miata badge 3

Miata badge 5

miata prht

The other problem was a bit of an annoyance that seems to happen quite often on these cars. The plastic sun visor crack at the base with time and that was a problem for me on the passenger side. Luckily forum members are an enterprising bunch and suggested a simple temporary fix.

Miata plastic sunvisor

I love this car!