Pirelli World Challenge at Circuit of the Americas Marshal Registration

The registration process to marshal the Pirelli World Challenge (SCCA Pro) headlining event at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is now underway.

It’s not often that you see PWC run as a feature series in an event of it’s own, typically their schedule is aligned with the IndyCar Series calendar or as a support race for the IMSA TUSC Series. There was that one year when PWC was a support series for the V8 Supercars visit to COTA, that was a blast and I’ll include some pictures from that event because it was really a highlight of my marshaling experience:

scca pro world challenge mercedes sls amg

austin v8s 8

Remember the wonderful perk of volunteering smaller big events at COTA is the amount of downtime so you can take advantage of things not typically available during F1 or WEC weekend. I would highly recommend going up to the top of the Mullet of the Americas for an excellent view of the track and Austin, Texas in the distance.

Lone Star Region of the SCCA will be staffing the event, however you must sign up through the COTA web site following this link: