Pirelli World Challenge Season Finale at Laguna Seca Day 1 at Turn 2

So after a week of enjoying California’s Central Coast and all it’s got to offer I ran into my first snag… almost literally. The rental car got a flat tire… but it was pretty lucky how it happened and where it happened. After already getting about 850+ miles on the odometer I noticed the dash light lit up last night as I was leaving the scenic overlook at Pacific Grove after enjoying a wonderful sunset. Oops… I pulled over checked the front tires, they looked OK… then the right rear and voila… big nail head smack in the middle of the tread! Go figure… I went straight to AutoZone to pick up a fix-a-flat kit and returned to my host’s house in Salinas where for the next hour myself and my host labored over a seemingly simple task of removing the nail and sealing the tire. After about 20+ miles drive with the nail deeply seated in the tire the head of the nail got ground off, but we eventually managed to pull it out and reseal the tire. I’m so happy this misfortune happened the way it did, because if it were to happen on the drive down to Big Sur or San Luis Obispo or even to Half Moon Bay a few days earlier I would have been screwed. A lot of roads were too tight to pull over and change a tire and most places had no phone reception to call for help either. Hard to believe that in California it’s difficult to get signal, but along Route 1 there were plenty of dead zones on my Verizon phone.






Happily we fixed the tire the night before the races started at Laguna Seca and what a wonderful start to the races it has been. For my first assignment I got the amazing Turn 2 hair pin at the end of the front straight. And for a quiet first day we sure had a ton of action. Lots and lots of spins. Some contact between cars. Some passes under our local yellow. Both myself and the communicator stayed pretty busy. And we were very lucky because the fields in this PWC season finale were huge. The GT/GTA/GTC field was big, the GTS field was big, the TC/TCA/TCB field was big and the Sprint X field of GT/GTA/GTC/GTS cars that only saw a few cars in Canada was the biggest field of them all.

I had such a great time, I can’t wait to come back for more!






I really liked working off of this elevated station at Turn 2, mostly great visibility and very convenient to see around the whole corner.



At the end of the day I went to hang out with Ron who I first met at Watkins Glen and who also hooked me up with my host in Salinas. Got to check out his Miata and got to shake him down for some guest passes that he wasn’t going to use so I can offer them to my host. Excellent day for sure!